Blood donation tour to Dresden


Martin Lademann, a friend, regulary donates blood, every time he gets 25 Euros redress. He gives this to our association. “Great idea”, we thought before we organized a bus from Pietsch Reisen, Finsterwalde. For blessedly nothing but the petrol money, in turn brought by Rollschänke (Bad Erna), we advertised in a newspaper for blood donation. Every participant would get a free ride to the Haema Blood Donation Center plus a piece of cake, and was able to dispense a half-liter of blood. Their achieved 20 Euros would go in favor to our project. We wanted the people to be beneficent without charging their wallets. However, at the outset the popularity in engaging was few. So we broached to the people personaly, with success.

Following folks joined us in the idea of dual benefit and went with us:
Franziska Freiwald, Katharina Seibt, Andre Engel, Honza und Christian Elmer (close friendships),

from Korczak grammar school in Finsterwalde:
Melanie Preisner, Leroy Unkenstein, Marius Tausch, Meike Kuba and Anne Schneider,

from millitary base, Doberlug Kirchhain:
Michael Prinz and girlfriend Melanie Schwarze, Jens Wienberg, Maik Braune, and soldiers Mickan, Reinsch, Liepe and Pecsenye

and of cause we in person.

Together we spend a wonderful afternoon in Dresden, were drawed off of our blood – quick and relatively painless – and had a contribute to the hope of the kids in Nepal.

340 Euros were brought together in this activity and we truly want to thank all participants!!!

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